Bamboo Sandals

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Product Information

About Bamboo Sandals

Similar to bamboo flip flops, bamboo sandals comes in a variety of colors and sizes to suit everyone. Additionally, bamboo sandals feature a variety of styles that adds the much needed appeal and guarantees that your wear is never similar to another person’s.

Bamboo Sandals Features

Bamboo sandals feature a wide array of color selection with women and children sandals displaying the boldest color splashes and patterns. Women and children bamboo sandals feature bright fun neon colors: blue, purple, pink, red, yellow, orange, turquoise and green. These colors can either be in patterns or as solid color assortments. Men bamboo sandals feature masculine color assortments that range from navy, black, grey to black/grey.

Bamboo sandals have soft cotton straps that can come in a variety of unique designs. Additionally, they feature a rubber outsole that gives the wearer flexibility and comfort. As for their sole design, bamboo sandals come as classic flats or can be high-heeled.

They come in assortment of sizes that ranges from small fits (shoe size 6-7), medium fits (shoe size 7-8), large fits (shoe size 8-9) to extra-large fits (shoe size 10-11).

Bamboo Sandals Price and Delivery

Brand : Bamboo A
Color: Blue
Size: available 5 to 11
Free Delivery for Local UK Customers
Heel Height: 5.5″
Platform 1.5″
Shoes will be delivered within 2 days

Bamboo Sandals Customer Reviews

No reviews for the items in the UK Store. Best selling bamboo shoes in the United States Store.

Buy New: £37.99